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Performing Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

There are many risk matrices in use in any number of industries – including the Petrochemical Industry, Defence Aviation and even in the national weather forecasts. We have developed a similar risk matrix for personal use when assessing the potential risk from Covid-19.

Risk Assessments Diagram

A likelihood score for the general public may be more simply determined from the calculation shown below:

Likelihood Score = Local Infection Rate (per 100,000) x Size of Contact Proximity Bubble
Mask factor of 5 (if used)

It must be noted that the likelihood value is not an absolute likelihood, rather it is an indicative value that is easy to determine.

A severity score may be simply determined from a summation calculation shown below:

Severity Score = Age + BMI + Health condition factors

Where age is the individual’s actual age; BMI is the individual’s BMI value; and the health condition factor is a numerical increase score of 20 based on the individual already having a severe health condition, and a further increase score of 20 if the individual is a smoker. These factors have been shown to be strong positive indicators of increased severity of Covid-19 effects.

More information on these scores is given in our publication on risk assessments here.